Navigating Traceability and Business Management Systems in the Meat and Poultry Industry

Tue. February 12| 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM | B408

Business owners and managers in the meat and poultry industry are always on the lookout for investments that will create a difference in the efficiency of managing operations, and ultimately lead to increases in the bottom line.  This workshop will take an in-depth look at some of the most important systems in data management today, focusing on two main categories.  Traceability: When most people think of traceability, they think of recall prevention or limitation, but it can be much more than that.  This discussion will focus on the different ways companies can benefit from have a good traceability system including mistake prevention, loss prevention, theft prevention, employee accountability, and labor savings. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Every business model has different needs and knowing what you are trying to accomplish can prevent costly mistakes of implementing a system that isn’t right for your business.  This session will explore the differences in ERP, Warehouse Management Systems, and Manufacturing Execution Systems, and help attendees understand what can how they can be used to improve business operations. 

Cost: $150

Track: IPPE Fee Based Educational Programs

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Dvorak, John

Dvorak, John,

Corporate Director

Reinhart Foodservice

Role: Speaker

Gau, Mike

Gau, Mike,

Vice President - Meat Operations

PFG Middendorf

Role: Speaker

Goulding, Glenn

Goulding, Glenn,

Senior Account Executive

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Role: Speaker

Menard, Sylvain

Menard, Sylvain,

Protein Industry Architect

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Role: Speaker

Pilz, Patrick

Pilz, Patrick,

Industry Principal CPG


Role: Speaker

Schoneman, Matt

Schoneman, Matt,

Traceability Consultant and Sales Manager

Schoneman Inc.

Role: Speaker

Wood, Ed

Wood, Ed,

CEO, North America


Role: Speaker