Succession Planning in Family Business

Tue. February 12| 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM | B404

Successfully transitioning to the next generation of ownership is a priority topic for all family businesses, but it can also be one of the greatest challenges a family will face.  This session will discuss the issues around determining who is fit to lead the business in the next generation, as well as when families must do their due diligence in exploring options to sell or invest in outside management. Attendees will benefit by hearing directly from family business leaders who will share their own experiences, as well as professional experts in family business issues.  If you are part of a family business in the meat, poultry or feed industries, don’t miss this opportunity for knowledge sharing at its best.

Cost: Free

Track: IPPE Free Educational Programs

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Mendoza, Drew

Mendoza, Drew,

Managing Principal

The Family Business Consulting Group

Clemens, Doug

Clemens, Doug,


Clemens Food Group

Role: Speaker

Green, Kelly

Green, Kelly,

President and Chairman of the Board for Family Business

Birko Corporation

Role: Speaker

Miniat, Dave

Miniat, Dave,

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Ed Miniat, LLC

Role: Speaker

Morsefield, Dale

Morsefield, Dale,

President and COO

Miniat Holdings, LLC

Role: Speaker

Odom, Larry

Odom, Larry,

Past Chairman and CEO (ret)

Odom's tennessee Pride Sausage

Role: Speaker